• Oregon's Cultural Icon - Lillian Pitt

    Oregon's Cultural Icon - Lillian Pitt

    I've been lucky enough to work with Lillian Pitt for over 4 years. First selling and photographing her work at Quintana Galleries, to currently photographing her new work she continues to make. There is a lot to learn from her deep knowledge of the indigenous people of the Columbia River region, not to mention her incredible work ethic, and her warm demeanor.

    Known fondly as "Oregon's Cultural Icon" Lillian Pitt is a descendent of Wasco, Yakama, and Warm Springs people from the Columbia River region of the Pacific Northwest. Lillian's lifetime of works include expressions in clay, bronze, printmaking, jewelry, and glass. The focus of her work draws on over 12,000 years of Native American history and tradition of the Columbia River, and gives a voice to her people through contemporary art.

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